Kairistie Walker

Executive Director & Secretary

With a background in neuro-social-sciences, Miss Walker’s diverse style of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) affords more options for parties and organizations looking for assistance.

From mediation (Med), arbitration (Arb), Med-Arb, negation, workplace restoration (WRS), separation and divorce, to counselling, and so forth, her healing centred [trauma informed] practice has proven invaluable to individuals, families, businesses, and government.

Her passionate focus and expertise in conflict resolution and diplomacy has led her to incorporate her expansive techniques, like evaluative, insight, transformative, narrative, bioenergetic, family systems, directive, and others, to her mainstream interest- based training from the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) and ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA).

Continuing to hone her craft within multiple realms as her confidence in neuro-social-scientific (NSS) methodologies, creating psychologically safe spaces, dedication, legal understanding, and shrewd ingenuity continues to provide efficacious dexterity for parties involved.

Kairistie’s belief in collaborative kinship and societal support led to her joining her fellow board colleagues at Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS), where she continues to be honored to be counted among such accomplished and inspiring individuals.

With exciting projects across Alberta to help those in need of conflict management support and engaging workshops for seniors, family,
businesses, and other individuals not knowing where to turn for assistance and expertise.

Her over 15 year history of expertise in business, marketing, government, ADR, and diplomacy, Kairistie looks forward to continuing to support AAMS, and her other philanthropic organisations and ventures while
growing her business, The Xperynce.

Projects, such as Youth Legacy assisting is for at risk youth and their caregivers/family, and other boards working to support gaps in areas of Canadian healthcare and the Alberta legal system continue to benefit from her foundational leadership.

Miss Walker’s involvement in community only continues to grow as her strategic guidance aiding parties uncovering effective resolution
in charting successful paths forward.

After all, Excellence is never an accident when gleaned from Xperynce, and why legacy relationships are a key foundation to our World moving toward a healthier future.