John Skone


A graduate of Civil Engineering, registered P.Eng. in Alberta, with provincial and national designations accompanied by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE), Computer and Business Data
Processing certifications from the University of Alberta are some of the examples of his vast training and skills. John Skone has brilliantly merged his engineering background with work and application to alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

As a chartered mediator (Med), arbitrator (Arb), and Med-Arb training with the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC), John has mediated for the construction industry involving public, commercial, municipal, and
infrastructure projects. Furthermore, his experience in workplace issues, safety, rural/urban development, and contractor-subcontractor disputes have added to his vast knowledge. 

A staunch advocate of the interest-based ADR process for construction and community disputes aide many.

John Skone is a member of the Edmonton and Provincial Boards of Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), providing services with the Edmonton, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) as part of his dedication to community and ADR. 

His mediation work with the Edmonton Roster of the Alberta Provincial Civil Court continues to have input with regional programs and process.
John’s dedicated career continues to build to this day with the addition of his Adjudication training in Alberta, he is counted as one of the handful of initiators within this budding program; yet another valuable asset AAMS counts as an essential board member.

John has served on the AAMS board faithfully for a number of years. His rockstar research skills, interest in community history, and the application technology and data processing to dispute procedures has
continued to support and educate those in need of his unique skillset.