Donna L. Gee

Past President

Her foundational training as a nurse has provided a very unique perspective that has only added to Donna Gee’s passion for helping people. Her experience as a lawyer, since 2005, combined with her solid
nursing record

Practicing as a lawyer since 2005, some may be surprised to know of her foundational work as a nurse from 1993 to 2020. However, once one meets Donna Gee there is no question of her grace, dedication,
and intelligence.

These combined career fields not only speak to her intellect, but also provide a peak into what makes Donna so wonderful. Her devotion to helping individuals needing legal and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) support knows no bounds.

Donna’s heart, passion, and focus for her clients, employees, family, and friends continues to speak to the unicorn Albertans truly have in her.
Her strong career dedication has produced 2 firms that Donna founded, built and managed as her willingness to serve Albertans continues to grow.

Focusing on Elder Law, Grandparents Advocacy, Wills and Estate Planning, Surrogate Court matters, and Estate administrations further demonstrates her unique touch. Appearing successfully in all levels of court in Alberta, most recently resulting in a positive outcome of an international child abduction case heard by the Alberta Court of Appeal in 2021.

When not in court or an ADR session or managing her several firms, Donna is volunteering. Her commitment to community service and pro bono activities, particularly with seniors, continues to help
many. Donna actively continues to sit on several boards, community associations and clinics, such as: Calgary’s Kerby Centre where she served as past Treasurer and as part of the Kerby Legal Clinic, the National CBA Elder Law Section as Past President Donna continues to advocate for seniors at a national level,  the Arbour Lake Community Association,
 is the current Chair of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Southern Alberta Elder Law Sector,  and is the President of the Senior Resource Council of Alberta.

As Past President of AAMS, we wonder how Donna is able to fit so much dedication into each and every 24 hours. Her allegiance to her fellow Canadians reinforced by her compassion continues benefit
Albertans in need of her unique expertise and empathy.

Donna Gee’s attentiveness to her team and clients, offering ardent understanding and respectful service to all, continues to support her success in founding and managing her latest endeavour, Paramount Law

Her extraordinary tenacity accompanied by her creative critical thought matched with her high EQ continues to serve clients and organisations alike in their pursuit of the best outcome. Having Miss Gee on one’s team only finds the height of excellence.