Representing businesses and individuals in Canada’s construction industry across most provinces, developing rare expertise from his vast experience and extensive network of Canadian legal professionals.

With a career spanning more than 50 years., Mr. Goodfellow is a highly-regarded litigator and arbitrator.

Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS) continues to greatly benefit from his support and expertise. His influence on Canadian law is historically remarkable with several cases involving construction matters brought before our highest court, presentations of published articles and papers regarding matters related to the Alberta Builders’ Lien Act, the tendering process, and his arbitrations.

With several milestones achieved, Mr. Goodfellow’s success is illustrated in landmark decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada, such as M.J.B. Enterprises Ltd. in which he served as Counsel, winning the
establishment of the obligation of those who call for tenders.
In addition to AAMS and the aforementioned examples, 

Mr. Goodfellow continues his societal impact and mentorship, sharing his time and expertise with professional associations, such as: the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers. 

Serving as a member and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Legal Education society of Alberta leaving a substantial impact, including his expert testimony and knowledge shared within Canada’s legal education.

Mr. Goodfellow maintains his steadfast devotion by remaining active in his home community and province. His community patronage has been very active since his move to Calgary in 1964. Heavily involved as
President of two Kiwanis clubs, becoming Lieutenant Governor and then Governor of the Western Canada District of Kiwanis International are sources of pride. 

As President of the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada District he and his teams created several projects: 

  • his founding of the Understand Canada Program.

          Including music events like

  •  the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival, and
  •  the Alberta Music Festival Association and the Canadian Musical Festivals;
     both of which he served as President.

 As well as his seat on the board of directors of the First National competitive Festival of Music.

Mr. Goodfellow continues to be a pillar in society and his family with his lovely wife of 55 years as they enjoy their daughter and five grandchildren.