Don Schapira, Q.Med

Executive Director

Don Schapira, Q.Med., has over 20 years experience in training and delivering positive messages to the boardroom, classroom, and the family room.

With a long history of building up positive corporate cultures, Don reasserted his commitment to changing the way we communicate by opening his own Mediation firm.  Working with hundreds of companies, families, and communities to find the better way to communicate, Don has also mentored youth directly to overcome conflict and find a better way to resolve their issues.

Trained at Northwestern University in Chicago, Cornell, Harvard and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta, Don currently works as a trainer for many not-for-profit and charitable organizations including, Peer Mediation & Skills Training, Rotary Canada and the Conflict Resolution Day Committee.

Don has made it his goal to provide you with the right tools in order to help you find your very own Kindness in Communication.

Don Schapira, Q.Med, PM, CDS, is a Family and Corporate Mediator, specializing in divorce mediation, and owner of his own Mediation firm, Fresh Start Mediation. Don has focused his career in Finance, Oil & Gas and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  He has helped build corporate cultures, and is regarded for his collaborative approach and effective negotiation strategies that yield positive results.

Don has focused on increasing his ADR skills through studies at the UN, Harvard, Cornell and Northwestern Universities, as well as ADRIA and the NADP.  He has helped hundreds of families, companies and communities come to healthy resolutions, by focusing on a balanced, effective approach to securing your very own Fresh Start.

Don has also pledged himself to many charitable organizations in the local community, working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Peer Mediation and Skills Training, Rotary Canada and the Conflict Resolution Day Committee.