Addrianna Worman


With over 15 years of experience in construction litigation, dispute resolution, contract review and development Adrianna Worman’s fiercely provides several types of services for construction industry
clients, including advice and counsel.

 As vice-chair of the Canadian Bar Association, Alberta South Construction Section, and recent training and integration of Alberta’s new construction adjudication, Adrianna’s continued expertise knows no bounds.

As one of the original names added to Alberta’s newly created ARCANNA (AB) organisation and roster, her ability to assist more client needs only continues to expand.

Those fortunate enough to meet and work with this strong woman and her talented expertise count themselves lucky, as Adrianna’s kind, gentle nature is always backed by her fierce advocacy and

Her Analysis, preparation, prosecution and/or defence of claims that can arise in construction are further examples of Adrianna’s dedication to her field. Further foundational training in mediation and arbitration have been key to her negotiations and resolution of client needs in construction and other related disputes.

Providing the best client support, while giving back to community are primary examples of Adrianna’s talented strength. To have such an amazing woman, her skillset, and dedication sit as Treasurer for the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS) team, only continues to fortify our talented team.