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Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society

The Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (AAMS) is a charitable organization that provides education and information to Albertans on how to resolve disputes more efficiently and more cost-effectively than going to court or filing formal grievances.

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Mediation is the non-adversarial intervention between conflicting parties to promote understanding, compromise and resolution.




Arbitration is a process where the parties to a dispute refer that dispute to one or more persons.



Other Dispute Resolution Practices

AAMS also supports other dispute resolution practices such as:
– Restorative Justice
– Facilitation
– Conflict Coaching
– Consensus Decision Making

About Us

Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society

As a federally regulated charity, we exist for the general good of the public and for disseminating important information on alternative ways to resolve conflict.  We also conduct research on the latest developments and improvements to arbitration and mediation, and develop means to convey this information to Alberrtans.

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